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18/08 at e Cage: Scored 1 & made 1 wif my new boots! Good: mit up old frens. Bad: severely lackin' in fitness!
Sunday, December 09, 2007

Run your own race..in the name of love

Last Sun (2nd Dec '07), my dear Devona went for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007.
It's been 6 years since she last ran in a competitive race. (She used to run very well.)
It's the first time she joined a competitive event at national level.
She is carrying an old injury on her right knee cap. (She needs to wear a knee guard.)
She only started training 2 months ago, together with me, for this event.
The longest distance we ever clocked is 7km.
She has never run half marathon (21km) before.
She has not even run 10km before!
But, she signed up for the full marathon (42km) in this event!
And she made it! She completed the full marathon!
It's an incredible achievement!

Why 42km? Because she wants to get the finisher tee, which is exclusive only for 42km runner!
To her, it is also an achievement in life.

The night before, both Devona & me couldn't sleep.
I'm not sure if is the effect from the Killney's Coffee or we were both nervous of the run.
I was worried for her because she didn't has the required rest for the run.
I also couldn't run with her because I didn't sign up for the run as I was on recall manning.
Knowing her character, she will never give up half way in the run unless she collapses!
That made me even more worried and the hot weather didn't help!
I was supposed to go home and sleep after I sent her to Padang, come back later to the finishing point to wait for her.
But then, how can I sleep when I know that she is running and I'm not sure if she is doing fine?

I went to the finishing point earlier then I planned for, to wait for her.
Time passed by while I waited anxiously for her.
The hot sun had no effect on me because the heat from the sun is no where compared to the anxiety in me. (I actually got a very bad sun burn at the end of it! I'm still in bad shape now!)
After I saw my brother Jacky came in about 7 hours and pointing to me that my dear Devona was still in the run but further back, I decided to run in the opposite direction of the run, to look for her.
An ex Pioneer colleague, Jackson, whom I met there told me that I can actually go the opposite direction of the run to look for the runner. (He mentioned that he didn't dare to approach me initially because my face has became so rounded that he wasn't sure if it was me. S***!)
As I ran in the opposite direction of the run, I found her under the bridge from Esplanade, limping her way towards the last few hundred metres.
When she saw me, tears started to fill her eyes and mine too!
I was glad to see her but I was hurt to her suffering alone.
How I wished I had ran with her.
As she reached the last 250 metres, she made a dash to the finishing points and completed her run in 7 hours and 20+ min.
My dear Devona has made it!

She mentioned that she actually started walking from the 13km mark.
She ran too fast for the first 13km following her friend, Yvonne.
They completed the first 13km in under 1 hour time leh!
She stopped to eat banana at the 13km mark, after that she slowed down.
Actually all the way till the 21km mark, she can still take it.
Is the last 21km or the last 10km to be exact, her leg had really reached the limit.
What pushes her all the way to complete the race is her strong will power and the never-say-die attitude. And one of the main reason is me! She didn't want me to wait too long for her! And also because of me, she didn't dare to push herself too much because she didn't want to collapse in the run.

My dear Devona, I'm really proud of you!
This is the best anniversary gift I've ever received! (Is our 2 years & 1 month anniversary.)
I'm also glad that my unit didn't activate the manning. I'm able to be at the finishing line when you finish the run.
I will love you forever :)
Next year will be my turn, ok?
Believe me, I can do it too..in the name of love :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Excursion to Night Safari

[Ken & Dev waitin' for e show to begin]
Last last Fri (14th Sept), I decided to bring my dear Devona to Night Safari. I've been there once bt she has nvr go there before. She did mention to me tat she will like to go there 1 day though. It happens tat for tis mth only, there is a 50% off for admission fee to Night Safari for my NTUC Link Card (max of 5 tickets per transaction).
Well, chance! We went straight after work & reached there ard 7pm; juz in time for e 1st session of e tribal performance at e photomound.We njoyed e performance wif our dinner at e Bongo Burgers, juz in front of e photomound. The 1st thing we do when we went in e Night Safari at 8pm, was to join e queue for e 8.30pm Creatures of the Night Show at e amphitheatre. Muz get gd seat mah! Long queue oredi leh!
Pls remember to "doll up" before joinin' e queue becos u will be fotographed & u can decide if u wan to purchase e foto fr them later after e show.
Quite an interestin' show, e presenter was very gd at beatin' up e mood of e audience!
Pls be careful when comes to choosin' of seat as e animals will b very close to u for those seats! I was particular very worried tat e Binturong will fall fr e rope, lookin' at how it swung fr side to side & most imptly, so near me!
Tat's oso a few hiccups in e show as u can nvr predict when e animals will show their temper & dun behave. The Owl actually shit on one of e audience & e trainer juz couldn't get it to flew back to him!
Other then 1 particular incident which dampened my mood, seeing a "god damned" inconsiderate person who juz dun heed e presenter's warning of non usage of flashes on those animals as it will blind them! Overall, it's still quite an entertainin' show!
The show ended ard 9pm & we embarked on our walkin' journey ard e Night Safari!

We started our walk in sequential fashion, Fishin' Cat Trail, Leopard Trail & finally Forest Giants Trail. It took us almost 1 & 1/2 hr to complete e walk!
The walk was quite a spooky one! Some area were almost w/o light and sometime u heard sound & mov't in e bushes, bt u were nt sure if was fr e animal or fr..! Luckily, we went there when e 7th mth had juz passed! Phew! :)

I was particular freaked out wif e size of e Spotted Hyena! I nvr imagine it to b so huge! Lookin' thru its eye, it strikes fear thru my spine!
Another animal tat stunned me was e Giant Flying Squirrel. When I saw it flew over me, I was really really dumb folded! Evn if it came & attacked me, I will nt b able to react in time! U can get to see tis animal bt u nid to go inside a big big cage tat house it &..u hv to b patient to wait for it to "fly"!

After crossing e Bridge of Suspension, which fear factor cannot compare to e one at Kukup while my dear Devona beg to differ, we r back at e starting point. Wat a great work out!
Well, is time to pamper ourselves wif e tram ride at ard 10.30pm. Best time for tram ride becos most pple tat wanted to take, oredi took liao & therefore, no nid to fight for gd seat!
Maybe u will ask, oredi walk e whole place, still nid to waste $ to take tram meh?
Well, if u look at e map carefully, e tram actually brings u to other area tat r not accessible by foot. U can oso get very very close to e animal becos there is no barricades!
I can even touch e backside of e Malayan Tapir while it was taking it's supper!

Near, no barricade is interestin' bt oso scarely! When my dear Devona waved to e Elephant, which was e biggest animal we saw at e place, we both freaked out when we saw it comin' towards us! Imagine Jurassic Park, tis kinda of impact!
So, Tram ride is a muz! U'll regret it if u miz it!
After e ride, which was slightly over 11pm, we shop ard e Gift Shop.
Well let's face it, gift is oni for tourist, very ex! So we juz look see look see & finally we decide is time to say goodbye, at ard 11.30pm.
Total duration of excursion: 4 & 1/2 hrs
Rating for e excursion: 4 out of 5 (almost perfect if nt becos of e "tourist" price)
Some charges to take note:
Parking Fee - $3.90 per entry, no grace period!
Entrance Fee - $22 per head (got it for 2 becos of my NTUC card, hehehe!)
Tram Ride - $10 per head (can't save tis, if nt, dun tell pple u go Night Safari before)
Foto - $15 for pcs / $20 for 2 pcs (recommend to get 1 at Tram ride & 1 before Night Show)
Hope e info above is useful, more can be found at their officical website stated below.
Oops! By e time u read tis blog, oni 3 days left (includin' today) for e NTUC promotion!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dempsey revisited

I & my dear Devona went to Dempsey Hill on Sat (08.09.07)..3rd time liao.
We wanted to go to some place for a drink before we head to my home for dinner.
We actually went to Sunset Way 1st; curious to see e transformation of tis place after readin' abt it in a newspaper article.
Tis place is new to her bt to me, it was a place tat i went for buffet steamboat durin' my uni days.
The verdict of tis place?..well, we ended up in Dempsey, so wat do u tink?We went to Ben & Jerry's for ice cream.
One interestin' thing, it actually shares e place wif 2 other stalls!
One is Culina Quality Food & Beverage and e other is a wine bar, which I hv no idea abt it's name.
It's one of e cheaper dinin' place there wif everything startin' fr sandwiches (lunch oni till 3.30pm by CQFB) to dessert (Ben & Jerry's) to wine & beer (e unknown wine bar).
If u r tinkin' of dinner, CQFB oni serves dinner on Fri & weekend.
Place is small so b early!..Hmm..tink hv to make reservation..so early maybe oso no use.
& oso, there is a centre stage tat probably u cn get to see some performance.
Do check out tis place!
As I mentioned earlier, we visited Dempsey 3 times.
The 2nd time we went was a weekday, Tue (21.08.07).
We went to DOME for dinner..one of e more affordable dinin' place there.
We had our dinner sittin' on a nice comfy sofa, nt shown in e pic.
Their coffee is supposed to b gd..so tis is definitely a new nice place to mit up wif frens, chit chat wif a cup of coffee; if u r tired of e usual cafe in e urban city area.
There r lot's more nice dinin' places in Dempsey, nt cheap though, which we hope to explore.
So, anyone willin' to sponsor us to try out e food & comment on e rest of e other dinin' places? ;p
For those who wan to noe more abt tis place, u cn check out e website below.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ah Ken Photography

Model: My Dear Devona
Photographer: Ah Ken kok kok
Location: Somewhere in S'pore
Gettin' marry is definitely one of e most impt decision to make in life.
However, there r oso other impt decisions tat nid to b made, in order to ensure e whole process will b a wonderful, memorable and perfect one!
To choose e right photographer, e quality of e photographer's work is impt bt e comfort level wif e photographer is oso impt. Tis is to ensure e foto will turn out natural, nt too fake or too posy.
Tis wkend, Ah Ken kok kok got a bit itchy wif his hand & decided to do some "serious" photography! So..hw's my work? Tink of gettin' me as ur Pre Weddin' or AD photographer? ;p
Btw, dun bother to ask me if u r curious whr I took tis foto becos I wun tell.
Once upon a time, a photographer oso tell me e same thing, haha!

Dempsy Hill, e latest place to see & to be seen?
Tis wkend, Ah Ken kok kok felt a bit adventurous & decided to pop by tis place wif his dear Devona.
It is very near to e place tat I used to play soccer wif my ex-colleagues while in Pioneer.
Tis place looks to b headin' for big plan!
Lot's of restaurants & bar r oredi in operation, Jap, Korean & of course e Ang Moh one.
Recognized names like Ben & Jerry, DOM & Harry's r oredi there!
You cn oso find lot's of furniture shops there.
We visited e Rea Sea Gallery since I parked outside tis shop.
They hv very big paintin' tat u can't easily find elsewhere in S'pore.
Their art pcs all quite nice & unique by artists fr all over e world, includin' local too.
My dear Devona like one of e paintin' & sculpture very much!
Well, tis place has lot's of potential to b successful esp wif its' close proximity to Orchard.
I hope tis place cn be successful & all those old Britsh barracks cn b well preserved & b given a new lease of life.
Hmm..suddenly it reminds me of Gillman Village..wonder hw's tat place doin'..

Monday, July 16, 2007

Month of June 2007

Hi to all!
Long time no blog liao!
Finally hv some time to blog ;p
Tat's becos one of my major project was granted approval for MR by e customer on 27.06.07!
For those who had no idea wat is MR, it means Mass Production Release.
We r nw authorize to manufacture & ship e product to e customer.
Wif another of my mini spin off project oso comin' to an end, soon I can finally hv full focus on e other major project tat I'm oso managin' at e same time :)
Bloggin' cn soon b a mthly affair for me..fr nw on..I hope.. :D
It's realli very tough managin' ~2.5 projects & on top of tat, still hv to spend time on e preparation for e ROM, Weddin' etc.
Luckily my dear Devona did quite a lot of e preparation jobs & everything has been goin' on well, job wise & outside job & soon I will b able to contribute more :)

The biggest event of e mth is definitely e ROM wif my dear Devona on 05.06.07!
I'm still in e process of uploadin' e foto..so..ur..still hv to wait lah, paisei ;p
The quality of e foto I put in my blog is deliberately lowered by me becos e original file size is too big!
I will write in anot separate entry on tis event once I got everything ready..

Our New Home: La Casa (EC)
Tis is e pic I took when we went to e Open House on 23.06.07.
We bought a Deluxe unit: 3 + 1 (Masterbed Room, Guest Room X2 + Study Corner) facin' e pool.
Some special features are e dry & wet kitchen, e sunken bath for e Masterbed Room toilet.
Since ours is a Deluxe unit, it oredi comes wif a fridge, dishwasher, washin' machine cum dryer & oso a micro wave oven.
The facilities look great too! There r 5 pools, tennis courts, a mini football field, gym, clubhouse wif karaoke room & steam room, BBQ pits etc., based on wat I cn recall.
Feelin' more & more excited lookin' at e progress of e construction!
So..anyone wan to b our neighbor? Do let me noe becos we cn both njoy e referral discount :D
For more details, pls go to tis website, http://www.lacasa.com.sg

Movie Reviews
Despite our heavy schedule in work & outside work, we still managed to watch 3 movies!
We watched Shrek 3 on 01.06.07; e day when we went to e ROM to verify our docu.
Tis sequel I feel is juz average, nt so memorable compare to e previous.
If nt of e characters, tis movie wd hv failed miserably wif such a weak storyline.
I wd hv give 2.5 out of 5 bt becos of my dear Devona, an additional 0.5 to give it a more respectable rating of 3 out of 5. Bt somehw I feel my dear Devona njoy e Mac Shrek meal more den e movie..hmm.. ;p

The nxt movie tat we watched is Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer.
We din realli expect much fr tis movie esp e sequels of late din njoy gd reviews, tink "Spiderman 3" & "Pirates of e Carribean: At World's End" etc.
However, tis sequel turns out to b quite gd! Much better den e 1st one!
For me, I cn realli click wif e movie becos I'm oso in e mist of preparation for our Weddin' & I c a lot of similarity bet me & Mr.Fantastic!
Mr.Fantastic is juz like most guy preparin' for his weddin'..even if he is a superhero.
The guy will always say is our weddin', let's do tis 2gether..blah blah blah..
Bt at e end of e day, u will find tat he is actually spendin' most of e time doin' his own thing except e weddin' stuff! Same wif me & I noe..no excuse, sori to my dear Devona ;p
On e whole, e pace of e movie is gd & of course Silver Surfer looks cool & juz too powerful I feel.
Overall, I give 3.5 out of 5. Worth watchin'!

Tis movie realli took me by surprise!
Watched e clips a few time, e movie gave me a dark feelin' & I wasn't convince tat it will b gd.
My dear Devona tink so too.
Bt surprise surprise, it turns out to b e best movie tat I had watched tis yr!
A lot of light & funny moments tat I nvr expect fr Michael Bay's movie!
For example, Sam tot tat his dad is goin' to buy him a Porsche bt his dad, be it deliberate or not, oni juz happen to drive by e Porsche showroom & it's realli funny to c hw his dad make fun of him, haha!
Everyone will love Bumblebee after watchin' e show & he is definitely more human den human!
The CGI is very well done; e movie is very well laid out & u will nvr feel tat it actually 2hrs + long!
Is a 4 to 4.5 out of 5 for me! Thks to my bro Jacky for e complimentary tickets + popcorns + nachos + drinks; we actually wanted to give tis movie a miss!
For those who hv nt watch it, go watch it & u wun be disappointed!

Tis time is hit fr behind while I was drvin' to e customer place in e mornin' on 21.06.07.
Nt so serious bt bumper still hv to replace & oni lucky thing is e other party willin' to bear e repair cost..since he is in e wrong.
One interestin' thing, look carefully at e no. plate of both cars, spot e similarity?
& oso becos of my high accident rate, AIG has refused e renewal for my motor insurance!
I still got anot case pendin' wif them!
Haiz..hope tis will b e last for a long time to come..or nvr come..no more accident..if nt my NCD will nvr grow!

Ok lah, tat's all for nw lah..v.sleepy & wan to go to sleep liao..hope I will realli b bk soon..wif more foto on e ROM..mata ne :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

05.06.07 - Kenneth & Devona ROM

Today (05.06.07) 2.45pm at the ROM, I & my dear Devona had completed e solemnization & fr tat moment onwards, we r legally married!
We oni invite our family members & some close relatives becos we wan to keep tis as a private affair.
Sori for nt inviting all our frens bt we will nt leave ur all out for our customary wedding! :P
V.happy & glad tat we hv finally tied e knot after we've been together for slightly more den 1 & half yr.
Tis is e milestone tat we hv worked realli hard to reach; overcome lot's of obstacles along e way.
To my dear Devona, I hv swear to take care of U & U cn trust me on tat for e rest of my life!
Tis is juz one of e milestone in our life tat we hv reached 2gether & I'm sure we will achieve many more in e years to come!
Love U forever BB :)

P.S: Pls look out for a later posting on e pics of e event! :)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy 2007 CNY to all my frens!!!

I'm back..bt when will be my nxt entry?
It's been a long time since my last blog entry. I was realli and still is very caught up wif my work in Venture. On a personal level, lot's of time and energy are put into ROM, Pre Wedding, Wedding, New Home preparation etc together with my dear Devona. She too was and still is very busy wif her work as her project is movin' into Tool Issue.

I dunno izzit gd or bad tat both of us r assigned wif laptop by e company. We can bring our job home to work bt workin' past midnite at home seem to be norm for us! Again dunno izzit gd or bad, gd as in we noe tat in a way our job sh be secured, bad as in we both hv little time left to do our ROM, Pre Wedding, Wedding, New Home preparation etc., let alone mit up wif frens and ex-colleagues! Realli feel very bad tat we hv to "fly aeroplane"..haiz..paisei..

Movin' fr 2006 & into 2007, so many things had happened!
I had left Pioneer, e company tat I had worked for 8 yrs, to join Venture.
I and my dear Devona had purchased a 3+1 unit in La Casa, e supposingly last EC in S'pore.
2 of my best "gal" frens had gotten married and another of my best "gal" fren had ROM.
Juz read fr Jo's blog tat she had resigned fr Pioneer! Violet will be all alone fr nxt wk onwards. 3 of us used to lunch together when bulk of my earlier lunch buddies left Pioneer.

Well, time goes on and so must we, be it in career or personal life etc.
I and my dear Devona have oso planned out our path for e future together!
I want to wish all my frens tat tis Yr of Pig will be a fruitful one for everyone in career, lovelife, everything! Tomorrow will always be better! :)

*NEWS FLASH* Searchin' for Mechanical Design Engr (preferrably fr TECH or FLEXTRONICS) [2 vacancies available!!!]
As a Project Manager in Venture, I get to form up my own team. Currently for 1 of e project I'm working on, I nid 3 Mechanical Design Engineers. I oredi got 1 wif me bt I nid 2 more. For those who r interested, pls dropped me ur email address in my LIVE NOTE & I will contact u. Best if u hv thermal printer design experience!
That's all for now, hope my nxt blog entry will come soon..bye!
Btw, below pics r taken on Proposal Day! I will go into detail nxt time.
This is me on Proposal Day (16.12.06)
This is my dear Devona on Poposal Day (16.12.06)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The boys from Ipswich..witches!!!

Watched e movie "The Covenant" last Sun (05/11) at the Cathay wif my dear, Devona. We wanted, or in actual fact I was e one, to watch movie at new places like the Cathay Cineplex & GV Vivo City. We were there on e Hari Raya Puasa holi (24/10) bt there wasn't any show tat catches our eyes at tat time & we ended up drinkin' coffee at e Paradiz Centre tcc.
First, let's toke abt e movie. Wanted to write tis earlier bt I was busy lately..finally! Saw e trailer long time back, it seems interestin' at tat time & we decided to watch it when it screens. Bt sad to say, other den e final duel scene, tat's all of e "memorable" actions tat u will see in tis movie fr e trailer! Even thought it was done by e same director for e Underworld, tis movie is a diseaster fr him! The opening tune was gd! It was a song at my early uni days, is "More Human than Human" by White Zombie. Nvr seems out of time even though it was a song tat was more den 10 yrs back! Bt den, e show turns into a horribly slow movin' one! There is juz nt enough substance to carry e show thru! Other den e handsome lead actor, kinda looks like Ballack & e beautiful lead actress; plus a bit of CG effect, tis show is crap! Very wasted becos it can be a very interestin' movie bt becos of e way it was directed & e weak predictable storyline, it was quite borin' to watch! The endin' was very abrupt & it seems tat e director juz wanted to cut short & juz ends it! My rating for tis movie is 2.5 out of 5. Only watch it when u realli got nothin' left to watch! Personally for me, I wd prefer to watch e witches in Charmed rather these witches fr Ipswich! Hope I'm nt too late to rescue my frens fr catchin' tis horrible movie :pLet's toke abt the Cathay Cineplex at Handy Road. The place is very clean & spacious. We watched at e Grand Cathay & it is very clean & spacious too. Currently, maybe oni ard half of e shops r in operation. Most impt of all, watchin' movie in Cathay is e cheapest in town! We oni paid $13.50 for two on Sun afternoon, utilizin' e M1 50% discount for e 2nd ticket! W/o discount is at $9 per ticket, which is $0.50 lower den GV & Shaw! They hv other promotion too, details cn be found in their official website, http://www.cathay.com.sg. So, y pay more to watch elsewhere if u cn watch a movie cheaper & at a really clean & spacious cinema at the Cathay Cineplex!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Urgent Announcement!!!

Tis is an Urgent Announcement! For those who had e chance to read my previous blog entry, u will find tat I hd actually modified a bit if u read it again carefully tis time round. It seems tat my previous content was quite disturbin' to some "reader" & I was requested to take it dwn! No doubt tis is my blog bt I hv to take care of my "reader" feeling & reaction etc. We all noe tat so wat if u r so & so daughter & happened to be fr some damn solid JC & so wat if u r father of tat daughter & oso happened to be some big shot, be prepared to be kanna "shoot" if ur blog content is deemed too "controvesial" or "provocative"! On e brighter side, it oso means tat there r pple readin' my blog! Anyway, I wd like to apologise for my view, content etc. in my previous blog entry tat hd caused great discomfort to e "reader"..hmm..muz be sincere becos if nt, will kana backlash again, haha! Anyway Ah Ken Kok Kok, Mai Hau Mai Hau Mai Hau, Dun Cry Dun Cry Dun Cry..makes me feel like eatin' Mee Siam mai..Oops! Cannot say! :X

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hens & cockanaden night

Well, it's suppose to be a bye bye to singlehood celebration to my best fren, Madeline; she is gettin' married to e person tat she truely loves, on (10/11) at Rasa Sentosa Resort..finally! I will toke more abt her love story nxt time & I'm realli glad & happy for her! It was a really difficult road for her & finally she made it!

Madeline, bride to be on 10/11/06 (taken wif her piggy in PAC)

Another of my gd fren, Pei Nee oso gettin' marry tis yr too on (25/11)! Nt to forget oso, Buta Mei Mei, Jolin who had juz ROM on (07/10)! Heng Yee, e bdae boy on (28/10), organized tis clubbin' gatherin' at Thumper, which I'm very sure is based on Charissa's recommendation! Other den e pple mentioned above, rest of e attendee were Violet, Shirley, Huiling, Yan Keat, Chin, ES, some of Charissa & Madeline frens & me of course, wif my dear, Devona. Me & my dear, Devona went to Big O to get a bdae cake for Heng Yee. I can't give him my heart cos I oredi gave it to my dear, Devona, so I give a "heart shaped" cake instead, haha! Juz jokin'!

Heng Yee, bdae boy on 28/10/06 (taken in JB durin' Comp holi)

Is a nice gatherin' for us, all of us r ex Pioneer staff except for a few still remain in e comp, bt probably it will be better at a more quiet place so tat I no nid to shout to talk mah! Chat up wif them a bit to noe abt their latest "movement" & hw's life for them esp I hv nt met most of them for quite some times. Glad to noe tat for most of them, they r doin' fine. One thing for sure, all tat hv left Pioneer hv no regret & they will nvr go bk! Is very sad tat most of us had to leave becos it is at tis comp, we all became gd frens; bt becos of some terribly over-rated "upper level" pple, we had to leave! They always tink their management & plannin' r e best bt in actual fact, is e worst! Their management style is totally out-dated & maybe it cn work in e Army bt in an MNCs..we had all left..almost, nid to say anymore?

Pei Nee, bride to be on 25/11/06 (taken in PAC long time bk)

Realli happy to noe tat everyone is doin' fine. Madeline will be goin' to be a Tai Tai! Pei Nee to be happily married soon! Jolin will be too in nxt yr! Heng Yee is njoyin' his job responsibility in Creative! Heard fr him, Cho is happy there too & together wif Melvin, Yan, Chye Keong etc. & more to come? We've got a Pioneer Alumni there! There was a Pioneer Alumni too at Flextronics too when a lot of my frens left & joined there few yrs back! Yan Keat will be startin' his new job as a design engineer nxt Mon! Of course we oso gossiped on "Ah Jo's Blog Attack Incident" & status of our ex comp's project etc. To some of them, my new comp is actually their customer! Like in e case of Jolin & Shirley, haha! Too bad they nvr kanna me; or else, it will be worst! Hehe!

Jolin, ROM on 07/10/06 (Buta Mei Mei act cute again lah)

Let's toke abt e place, Thumper. Juz in case for those who had no idea whr tis place is, it is located at e Gnd Floor of Goodwood Park Hotel. It had started to popularize ard late last yr even though facin' strong competition fr e new kids on e block like Momo & MOS later on, they r actually doin' fine! Even places like China Black & Madam Wong had to close shop after facin' all tis new challengers!
Frankly speakin', after visitin' e place for e 1st time, I realli can't understand wat's e hype is all abt in tis place. It is actually quite a small place & it will get very smoky when pple smoke! They hv a live band tat churns out danceable tune, some cute young babes goin' ard sellin' Tequila, there is oso a kiss a bride for $5 which I'm nt sure if is oni for tat day. They do hv a small place tat pple cn sit ard outside to njoy their drink & chat w/o e nid to raise e voice to communicate. I asked Charissa wat's so special abt tat place, her reply was tat e crowd r more mature, mainly workin' class pple; so u dun get Ah Beng or Ah Lian comin' in & she said e music is nice too!
Well, personally, is oni so so for me. Maybe I had stopped clubbin' for long time, maybe I'm gettin' old & fat? Which some of them had said! I will diet & change my dress sense de! I am still as young as before! Juz tat I nid to wear more mature due to my position in e new comp! I still play football at least once a week! Hw cn they say tat! S***! Anyway, I'll be startin' my RT in Jan '07 & I will be bk fitter, stronger & definitely younger de! :P
NB: For those who wan to find more abt Thumper, go check out their web site at http://www.thumper.com.sg

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Return of e God!

God is Robbie Fowler! The 2nd all time scorer for Liverpool FC! His 28th goal in 33 appearance for e League Cup Competition inspired Liverpool FC to a 4-3 victory over Reading! Captain for e nite & he truely led by example! He scored e 1st goal in e 44th min wif a deft chip! He set up Riise wif e 2nd & played a one-two wif Crouch thus resultin' e 4th goal for Liverpool FC! He is e Man of e Match & gives a timely reminder to Benitez tat he cn still cnt on him to deliver e gds! He played wif his heart & tats y he is still e darling wif e Liverpool fans! Even though he nvr fulfilled his potential at e international level for England, at least he is still doin' it at e club level & we r definitely nt complainin'! Let's njoy e video of his goal! It's a beauty!

Monday, October 23, 2006

It's painful..

MAN UTD 2 - 0 LIVERPOOL (P.Scholes 38th, R.Ferdinand 65th)
It's painful..painful to watch hw Liverpool, e club tat I hv supported since Sec, played lately. Is time to stop e choppin' & changin'..is nt helpin'..is nt givin' e players enough time to gel on e pitch..is nt givin' e players enough time to understand one another..bascially, they dun play as a unit & last nite was e worst Liverpool performance at Old Trafford tat I'd ever seen! They nvr manage a decent effort at goal! Thru out e game, I nvr felt they cd get something out at e end of e game. Passing was wayward, defense was shaky, e link up play bet defense, midfield & up front was nt there! Individually, e players r talented bt collectively, they were very very poor! U dun expect to get anything playin' like tat at Old Trafford. If Benitez insisted on playin' Alonso & Sissoko in e middle, my suggestion is to switch e formation to 3-5-2 (wing back formation). GK: Reina ( In goal? Or maybe is time to let Dudek play?), 3 CB: Hyppia, Agger, Carragher (Agger sh be free to bring e ball up; Upson can replace Hyppia if he joins durin' e January transfer window; I will nt wan to change e 3 CBs too much), LWB: Riise (Warnock/Aurelia as backup for rotation; Gonzalez cn come in if in nid of pace, his main job is to cross e ball & nt anyhw shoot!), RWB: Finnan (Carragher/Gerard cn play here bt we sh seriously tink of a suitable backup at tis position; Lucas Neil is more of a CB to me if he does come in January; Pennant cn come in if in nid of pace too & to put in crosses), 3CM: Alonso, Sissoko, Gerard (Sissoko to do all e dirty work while Gerard & Alonso share e distribution job wif Gerard in a more adv role so tat he cn always charge into e box whenever possible; Zenden cn still hv a role to play becos he cn replace Sissoko or Alonso; Garcia is more of a direct replacement for Gerard or as a support striker & pls dun put him on e wing) FW: Kuyt, Crouch (Crouch cn play e knock dwn game & Kuyt cn benefit fr it; Belamy cn come in if we wan to play fast counter-attack game & Fowler cn come in if there is a nid to change e flow or when e opp defense is difficult to break dwn). When Kewell is backed, he cn play midfield or a support striker. Future is nt all bleak yet if we start to play wif a settled side bt to win e Premier League will be very very hard if Man U, Arsenal & Chelsea keep up or even improve on their current form. Anyway Liverpool, YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE becos e supporters will nt leave u & tat includes me! We won e Champions League in 2005, e FA Cup in 2006 & if we cn win at least a trophy in 2007, is nt so bad :)

For all Liverpool fans out there, let's njoy e funny video above & forget abt last nite game; let's look forward to an improved performance in e Carling Cup game vs Reading tis comin' Wed bah :p
Btw, tis is a video tat I watched durin' my MP Specs II Course last Nov & I accidentaily found it again at Youtube. It's really very funny! Cn imagine ur grandmum doin' tat? Haha!!!
Finally, Happy Deepavali & Selemat Hari Raya Puasa to all e Hindus & Muslims in S'pore & all over e world too!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm 33 liao!!!

"1yr ago, 1st time I sent u hm.
1yr later, I still sent u hm.
Nxt yr, I will send u hm.
Nxt Nxt yr, I dun send u hm..we go hm 2gether!.."
Tis is e sms tat I sent to my dear, Devona after she celebrated my bdae wif me; 1st time officially as my gal fren..cn I oso say fiancee..future wife to be? *-) The 1st time tat I sent her hm was on 12.10.05, it is oso e 1st time tat she let a guy send her hm! Guess is oni time for us to be 2gether fr den on :)
The celebration started off wif a dinner at e Hoshigaoka, one of our fav jap restaurant tat serve nice Unagi, in Shaw Centre; got 15% discount becos is my bdae! We both ate Unagi Roll Set since we both love to eat Unagi. Their Unagi is actually one of e better one ard bt nt as gd as their Bugis Junction outlet. The best Unagi tat we had eaten so far is still at e Sushi Tei in China Square!
My dear wanted to get me a cake initially bt she cd nt get it & I oso quite against it becos we can't finish, it juz e 2 of us! In e end, I suggested Mud Pie instead & we go to e nydc at Wheellock Place. nydc has got one of e best Mud Pie in town and e oni one tat I feel cn rival them is e Mud Pie fr Coffee Club. So, my choice of e bdae cake is Irish Cream Mud Pie! For those who had no idea wat is Irish Cream, it is a cream liqueur based on Irish whiskey and made with cream and other sweeteners. A.Angie taught me to add Irish Cream to coffee & aftertat, I will always add Bailey's Irish Cream to my coffee at every chance! For those tat hv nt try it before, try it! It's realli very nice! It adds some new fragant to ur coffee!

I actually banned my dear to buy any present for me becos she oredi bought many liao which I received in advance! Anyway, I told her tat e best present she cn gave me is to recover fr her persistent cough!


It's been a while since I last wrote abt e movie tat we had watched. I oso find tat it is nt so meaningful if I write it too late & e movie had oredi been taken off. Tis time I wrote abt Death Note, which we watched e sneak preview at Junction 8 GV last sat (14/10).

Imagine if u r given a notebook to write e name of e person tat u hate most; & by writin' his or her name on the notebook, he or she will die of heart attack in 40sec if e cause of death & e time of death r nt written! Who will u write?

Death Note is e notebook tat Ryuk, god of death (Shinigami), dropped in e human world so tat whoever possess e book will be able to kill any person by writtin' his or her name on e notebook thus extending e life of e god of death! Light, a extremely brillant uni undergrad, got hold of e Death Note & he acted in e name of Kira to kill criminals tat escape e punishment of e law or too leniently punished by e law. However, wat he deem as justice to e world is seem as juz plain massacre in e eye of e Law Keeper! Esp later on when he started to kill pple tat r nt criminals! To catch a genius, it take another genius & L, e mysterious detective took up e battle to hunt Kira dwn! I will nt go into details of e movie bt for those who had watched e comic, e movie stayed quite faithful to e comic except he had a gal fren, Shiori, who was nt in e comic. She played an impt part to e ending of tis 1st episode! The sequel is comin' pretty soon, it will open in Japan on 03/11/06..e Last Battle..e Last Name!

Details of Death Note the Beginning can be found on tis local officical website, http://www.encorefilms.com/deathnote.html while e sequel to tis, Death Note the Last Name can be found on tis jap official website, http://wwws.warnerbros.co.jp/deathnote. If u hv nvr read e comic bt u wan to read up some background info on Death Note, try tis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Note. Tis movie is a pretty long one & e pace maybe a bit slow bt overall is a nice one! It is e No.1 box office in Hong Kong history for a jap movie. It recorded 2.2 million attendance in Japan. So wat do u tink? Go watch it! (Rating 3.5/5) Dun 4get to look out for e sequel becos it promises more action! Tat's wat I gathered fr e Trailer.

Btw, I hv juz changed my Tag Board becos e previous one dunno wat happen, can't use liao. Be sure to leave message or e name of e person in my "LIVE NOTE"..wat will happen to tat person after 40sec when his name is written..hmm..

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back again..hopefully wif more consistency :p

I'm back bloggin'! Hopefully I will do it more regularly tis time round..at least once a week.
I was askin' myself juz e other day, y do I blog? Follow e trend or too free, got nothin' to do?
Initially yes, I was juz like a kid tat wan to hv it becos everyone has it! Esp since most of young one hv it! & me refusin' to admit tat I am nt tat young anymore (I'll be 33 tis thu!), I juz hv to start a blog! I was hopin' tat I can use it to record dwn some events tat happen to me or ard me & oso use it as a channel to air my opinion on certain issues etc.
When I started goin' steady wif my Love, Devona, I oso wanted to use e blog to record dwn some of e wonderful moment tat we spent 2gether, e places we go to, e movies tat we watch, things tat we do 2gether etc. One day, she juz came to me & complained to me tat I dun write abt her anymore, or nt tat much to be exact. Tat's y it makes me sit dwn & tink, y do I blog in e 1st place? Wat do I wan to blog abt? Y is everyone sayin' tat my blog is nt interestin' anymore? Wat sh I blog abt so tat my frens will njoy readin' it & I will njoy writin' it too..hmm..well..
Mooncake or Lantern Festival? (06/10/06)
Is always a grand event when comes to tis kinda traditional festive day in my family. My dad will always cook lots of food & oso make offerings to e deities tat we prayed to in our house; not forgetting our ancesters too! Dinner is juz like Reunion dinner wif e "whole" family, which includes my dad & mum, me & Devona, Bruce & Janice, Jacky & Josephine + A.Angie & U.Jerry, eatin' 2gether. Bein' a pure Hakka family, my dad & my mum r both hakka, u will expect a few hakka dishes on e table. The best on e table for me gotta be e Yong Tau Fu tat was made by my dad. Very nice! He is realli very gd at tis! I dare say is better den any of those tat u cn eat outside! Being an almost vegetarian, I will always dig out e meat & pass it to Jacky. Tat's hw I eat e Glutinous Rice Dumpling too! There is another hakka dish but I tink is prepared by my mum, is Yu Toh Kou Rou (Yam wif Pork), another traditional hakka dish. I usually dun touch unless I hv a sudden crave for yam, tis is actually a no-no for me bt nice though. My dear liked e Roast Duck tat was bought opp our blk & esp e sauce, she put a lot in her rice, haha! I dun eat duck bt when Jacky told me is better den e current Johnson Duck, den it has to be gd! After dinner, we ate e Swensen's ice cream mooncake bought by Josephine. My dear took e durian one, Yuks! I hate durian, while I took e chewy chocolate one, Yummy! We din stay for long becos my dear is still recovin' fr her fever & cough for e past 2 days, so I sent her home rite after e last episode of e Ch 8 drama, Family Matters.
Purple Haze & Xian De Lai (07/10/06)
Wat has Purple Haze gotta do wif Xian De Lai? Actually there is no link lah, haha! Purple Haze is a Jimi Hendrix's song tat I tot of when I looked thru my window in e mornin' & saw e hazy condition. I nvr hear his version before, I oni heard Winger's version. The haze condition was worst esp ard 9pm when me & my dear were on our way to our fav steamboat buffet, Xian De Lai, e PSI hit a high of 150! My dear actually experienced difficulty in breathin' becos she is still recoverin' fr her cough. Luckily e mornin' soccer was cancelled becos majority of e guys r hvin' their exam break; the outdoor air is certainly nt suitable for excercise. Actually e haze oso reminds me of Genting; is more than 10 yrs since I last visited tat place! Realli hope tat me & my dear can go there for holi one day :)
Let's come back to our fav steamboat buffet, Xian De Lai Shanghai Cuisine. The 1st time we visited tis place at Liang Seah St. was on 08/07/06 (Sat). I still rem tat day, we were tryin' to find a place to eat Yuan Yang steamboat along Beach Rd tat area. We wanted to go to a new place tat is clean & hopefully cooling too. Most of e places were fully occupied & muz wait at least 1/2 hr! We finally decided to try tis place even though we oso nid to wait for > 1/2 hr bt e place looks cleaner den other places & oso got air-con too. We went to level 2 & it was really cooling, less noisy & more private. After visited tis place for so many times (almost once a wk!), nt surprisingly e staff & e lady boss can recognise us liao! Even though we didn't make any reservation tis time, e lady boss arranged a place at level 2 as soon as there is available table. Of course lah, we r regular customer leh!
So, wat is Yuan Yang steamboat? As e name suggested, is a steamboat wif spicy & non-spicy soup in e same pot, as shown in e pic above. We always go for e spicy wif fish & e non-spicy chicken soup becos tat is e oni combination tat I can eat, paisei :p The soup base is diff fr e others tat we had tried before esp e spicy one, is nt juz plain spicy bt tasteful too wif ingredients! There is a vast variety of items to choose fr & my dear esp like their dumplings! There is oso their special potato noodle tat she will ordered it everytime. It was 1st ordered by me bt I dun realli like it bt she liked it very much becos it is very Q! For me, I will always ordered their fish dumplings & fish glue; nt forgettin' all e tau pok, tau fu, tau tau tau, hahaha! One thing I like abt is tat we dun hv to go to a common place to get our food; juz write it on their food item list & it will be served to us! There is oso free flow of ice water! It is quite reasonably priced; for 2 persons wif no additional drink ordered, is S$45.30 (incl of GST & Service Charge). After sayin' so many gd things for them, maybe we sh ask them to give us a VIP discount card! :)
Usually at e end of it, we will always go back to Shaw Tower for a tall Java Chip Frappuccino, our fav coffee at e moment, & some chat at StarBucks before I sent her home. Juz in case for those who dunno, Shaw Tower parking is $1 per entry after 1pm on weekend! Tat's y I usually park there if we go there on weekend.
Ok lah, tat's all for nw..will be back to update on some past adventure of Ken & Devona..until den :)

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